Copilot in Power BI for Finance and FP&A

Copilot in Power BI for Finance and FP&A by Christian Martinez

1) How to Prepare your Data for Copilot?

To fully leverage Copilot’s capabilities, you might need to refine your semantic model.

This ensures that Copilot can effectively generate insights.

Detailed guidance on optimizing your data model is available in the Power BI documentation but here are some key considerations and examples to guide you in enhancing your data model for better analysis and reporting.

Table Linking: Define Clear Relationships

Ensuring that all relationships between tables are clearly defined and logical is fundamental. Specify whether these relationships are one-to-many, many-to-one, or many-to-many.

For instance, connect your “Sales” table to the “Date” table using the “DateID” field. This clarity allows for accurate data merging and meaningful insights.

Measures: Standardized Calculation Logic

Measures should have standardized and clear calculation logic. This standardization makes the calculations easy to explain and understand.



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