5 coolest GPT3 prompts useful to finance and FP&A professionals

If you haven’t heard of Chat GPT-3 and how it will change industries, augment productivity and add value to businesses then read this article first!

In a nutshell, Chat GPT3 or Chat GPT-3 is a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) tool developed by OpenAI. It can be used to automate processes, create Excel macros, answer questions, language translation, financial modelling and even to teach you Python and how to create machine learning algorithms.

10 coolest GPT3 prompts useful to finance and FP&A professionals, by Christian Martinez, Founder of The Financial Fox

In a way it’s similar to a financial forecast, if the inputs are wrong or not clear, the outputs are not going to be valuable. Trash in, trash out.

So the “inputs” or “prompts” you use are very important. You can see 10 coolest GPT3 prompts useful to finance and FP&A professionals below:

1. Create an Excel Macro that uses EBITDA and financial forecasting

This macro changes the value of the cell named Company_EBITDA to 0. Then, uses the Goal Seek feature to set the cell named Financial_Forecast_Input1 to be equal to a value the user enters into a dialog box, by changing the value in the cell named Company_EBITDA. Finally, name the Macro Residual Company_EBITDA.

You can use this macro by going to the Developer tab in Microsoft Excel, clicking on Visual Basic and paste the code there. You can also run it by creating a button and assign this macro to it.

Please note that in order for this macro to work, the cells named “Company_EBITDA” and “Financial_Forecast_Input1” must exist in the workbook and the cells should have the correct name. Also, the workbook should be saved before running the macro.

Also, you may want to add some error handling to the macro in case the user enters an invalid input, or if the cells do not exist in the worksheet.

Prompt and Result:

2. Learn Python Programming and learn how to generate code for creating machine learning algorithms

Christian Martinez Founder of The Financial Fox

Finance Automation Manager @ Kraft Heinz | Founder of The Financial Fox